Thank you for your interest in the AgTeam Professionals “Agricultural Hedging Program.” The program was designed in order to help Farmers and Ranchers across the US design, develop, and execute a more profitable marketing strategy. With years of agricultural trading experience and the latest technological advancements we are able to offer unequaled service and execution to a wide range of clientele.

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Each client involved in the program will have the opportunity to establish an Individual, Joint, or Corporate Hedging Account with one of the worlds premier Clearing firms, E D & F Man International. E D & F Man is an international group with two principal businesses: the supply of agricultural and the provision of financial services. The Group’s origins go back more than 200 years to the sugar brokering business established by James Man in 1783. The present name dates from 1860, when James’ grandsons, Edward Desborough Man and Frederick Man, ran the firm. The Group operated as a traditional partnership and by 1973 still employed only 70 people. Over the next decade, however, Man expanded internationally, opening offices in New York, Paris, Geneva, Rotterdam,

Hong Kong and Rio de Janeiro. At its bicentennial in 1983, there were some 650 employees worldwide. The 1980s saw even a greater quantum leap. Man extended the expertise it had gained in trading agricultural futures and hedging price risk to develop its brokerage business outside the agricultural markets, and in 1984, the company formed an alliance with the fund manager, Mint Investment Management Company (MIMC). In 1994, E D & F Man was floated on the London Stock Exchange and today the Group has a worldwide presence, with some 3,700 people employed in over 60 countries.

Through our professional endeavors we have established invaluable contacts on all of the major trading exchanges and have developed direct access to some of the most in-depth and extensive research sources in the industry. The bottom line is that we have come to understand the needs of today�s Farmers and Ranchers and are proud to be a member of the AgTeam Professional Organization.