The Beauty of Google Keywords Autosuggest Feature

There are immense keywords related applications and websites that assert to provide the best keyword phrases but they cannot be compared to Google search box.  This tool is a perfect resource to online marketers and bloggers due to its efficiency and effectiveness in usage.  When you initiate your typing process, a popup with a list of keywords that are diligently related to what you are typing tend to show up. This saves time since Google is trying to guess what you might be thinking to search.

This popup is made possible since billions of people type specific words and phrases in the Google search box and millions of the t words being typed are either similar or   very closely related.  Therefore, the Google autocomplete will complete your typing process by giving you a variety of suggestions.

As blogger or online marketer, you can utilize the keywords which comes on the pane of the Google autocomplete and you will be guaranteed a great audience. The keyword scraper in this Google feature allows grabbing of all the keyword phrases typed by people who visited Google and let you save them.  If you are not sure how this is accomplished   by your search   engine, you can simply Google “how to scrape Google suggestion box”. This will give you the functionality of this feature and how it is appropriate for your quest in search of keywords to apply in your content marketing.

The beauty thing with the Google autocomplete feature is that you can scrape almost unlimited number of keywords without your IP being blocked as a result of increased number of queries. This is opposite to the keyword scrapers which operates on the basis of API.  With Google, you can get approximately 100,000 keywords considering it is not mandatory you utilize proxy servers. Google auto complete does not also utilize the API but instead makes use of inter phases which are created with the Google search engines.

API is a service given by Google to programmers in order to ease their activities while scraping keywords. This means, if Google decides to discontinue this service, most of the business would be doomedin case they relied on this software. Therefore, relying on Google autocomplete is the best considering it is always reliable.  More information concerning keywords and their relationships to search engines can be learnt through listening and or watching the seo keyword research tutorial or getting yourself a copy of keyword research guide